22-May-2023: New Dominatrix: the natural born young sadist Mistress Dominica Nyx. Stay tuned for summer 2023.
29-Jan-2023: 2-day indoor bootcamps available during winter in Budapest. Contact us for details.
06-July-2021: Application still possible. Summer 2021 dates being announced soon.
04-June-2020: Follow  BDSM Camp on Twitter! Don't miss any updates from us!

Welcome to BDSM Camp!

If you have been looking for a place where you can feel like a real twink, BDSM Camp is the right place for you.

You will be trained, punished, tortured, humiliated by beautiful Mistresses, until you are fully broken. In BDSM Camp you will be able to live your deepest fantasies in factual and serious training camp role play. 

BDSM Camp is a place where we, the Commissar Mistresses rule, including Bloodymary the Killer Queen.

We will be your highest authority. You will spend with us several hours per day, helpless, at our mercy. You will confess anything you did and we will judge you and issue your punishment. 

Strict training

BDSM Camp is an intensive military-style recruit training, a so-called "boot camp". We aim to induct recruited inmates into the norms and essential tasks of the Camp. With drills, physical training, stress and punisments, our training process resocializes recruits to the demands of the beautiful Misresses. They will obey all orders.


Once the training has begun, the right of recruits to leave is tightly restricted. We deny privacy, and prohibit the use of first names, the imates' individuality is suppressed. The daily routine is fully controlled, with total institution, and any mistakes are immediately punished.

Stress and punishment

The training process applies continuous stress. For any mistakes or disobedience, recruits will be immediately punished. Mistresses may deprive recruits of sleep, food rations, or shelter. They will shout personal insults, use physical aggression, torture or give orders intended to humiliate. The inmates' resistance will fully supple.