Even though you're in a BDSM training camp, you must follow the rules of hygiene

  • Shave your pubic hair and your armpits, or at least trim your long hair (if you can do for personal reasons)
  • Clean and cut your fingernails and toenails.
  • You will be in the presence of beautiful Mistresses, so it should even more motivate you to be well-groomed. As soon as you move in, you will be under extentive review if you are well prepared enough.

Personal cosmetics

In the Camp, you will be provided the following. You can take anything special with you if you require special measures in hygiene.

  • toothbrush and toothpaste
  • shower gel
  • towel
  • toilet paper

Medical issues

Please inform us about your health condition and regular medicines upon application.


You will get your medicines at the scheduled times required. If you need to take pills on demand, please inform use before. Remember not to leave your medicines at home.


You are responsible for informing us if you have any allergies and about how to deal with you if you might indicate allergic reactions. We will eliminate allergens from your food and your environment.

Chronic diseases and medical aid

Inform us about any chronic diseases, i.e. heart, circulatory diseases, or any medical aids used: contact lenses, hearing aids, dentures, etc. If you have diabetes, please contact us before application, as this strongly determines your stay: food, drinks and medication.


During your stay you might want to inform us about something.

The safe word ("stop") is your safety switch. Keep in mind, that if you use it, it doesn't mean end of your stay. Only the practice, which is currently running, becomes less intense or it's implementation is temporarily suspended.

If you need something, i.e. water, communicate directly but on a polite and humble way.

If you want to discuss the happenings of the past day, you can ask for the it in the evening. We can discuss, what was outside your preferences and we can consider changes.

If your health condition becomes worse during your stay, you have to inform me immediately, and not wait until it pass by itself.