1. Can I see pictures of all Mistresses before application?
    • Yes.
  2. Is it possible to have intimate contact with one of the Mistresses?
    • No. The Mistresses are untouchable for you.
  3. Can I choose an outfit for the Mistresses to wear?
    • You can tell us your fetish regarding the outfits on your application, and we will consider request.
    • However, we will choose our clothes according to the certain games, weather conditions and our personal taste and desires.
  4. What kind of outfits can I expect the Mistresses to wear?
    • You can expect all kind of kinky fetish clothes.
    • Shoes and boots:
      • High heel or platform boots, shoes
      • Leather and rubber riding boots
      • Steel-toe combat boots
    • Clothes:
      • Leather pants, riding pants, leather jackets and coats
      • Latex clothes
      • Catsuits
    • Accessories:
      • Leather and latex gloves
  5. How much time will the Mistresses spend time with me per day?
    • For games and torture, expect 8-10 hours per day.

Behavior in the camp

  1. Can I smoke cigarettes during the Camp?
    • Yes, if the Misresses permit you.
  2. Can I drink alcohol during the Camp?
    • Generally no, but you can get permit.
  3. How much time will I be allowed to sleep?
    • For night rest you will get 10 hours per day.
    • However, you might lose your privilege for untroubled night rest with the others.
  4. Will I be obliged to wash my clothes, clean premises or do the dishes?
    • Yes, under the control of the Mistresses.
  5. What happens if I cannot stand so long and intense torture?
    • Everybody has his own endurance and stamina, we will consider your age and physical conditions.
  6. What happens if I feel that the treatment is too hard for me and I can't hold out any longer?
    • Ask for discussion, we will find a way to resolve your problem. However, it's not likely to happen, as we are all professional dommes and constantly monitor everyone's reaction.
  7. Will I be under control at night?
    • Yes.
  8. Can I bring my phone, tablet, computer with myself?
    • Yes, but you need to give such things to us. We will store them and return to you at the end of the Camp.
    • The communication devices need to be turned off, or at least completely muted.
  9. What happens if I need to use my phone or laptop?
    • If you need to use communication devices for any reasons, you have to tell us before your arrival. In that case, you can use your devices at scheduled times for certain duration, under the Mistresses close supervision.
    • If you need to use your phone or computer unpredictably more often, you may ask for more breaks or even leaving the Camp.
  10. What time do I need to pay the fee?
    • The remaining fees (in addition to deposit) need to be paid at moving in the Camp, in closed envelope and precisely calculated.
  11. Can I bring gifts for the Misresses?
    • Yes.
  12. Can I ask to be treated differently than others?
    • No, the same rules apply to all inmates. However, you may lose certain privileges and get assorted punishments.
  13. I pay, I require. Right?
    • Absolutely NO. Constructive discussions and notices prior to arrival are OK, but BDSM Camp is not a service for your attendance.
    • Your duty is to serve us, not vice versa! Any disrespectful manifestation will be severely punished.

Food and drink

  1. What kind of meals will I get?
    • You will get three meals a day by default: one hot and two cold meals.
    • Foods will be simple Hungarian dishes.
  2. How will the meals being served?
    • Foods will be served on disposable plate and/or disposable cutlery.
    • Plates and cutlery can be revoked, you might be sentenced to eat from the floor.
  3. Will I keep my privilege to eat every day?
    • Yes.
    • You might lose privilege to eat 3 meals a day (can be reduced down to 1).
    • It is possible that you will get short rations.
  4. Will I get drinking water anytime in any amount?
    • Yes. Drinking water is not a subject of revoke, you will have water over 24-hours.